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Memorial Day Schedule

Memorial Day is on Monday, May 30th.  

USA Memorial Day concept with dog tags and red remembrance poppy on American stars and stripes flag on white vintage wood table with title text.

    Our offices will be closed in observance of the holiday. Normal access hours available at most locations, please check with yours to confirm. For your convenience, we also offer a 24 hour rental/payment kiosk at 19 of our A-1 Self Storage locations!

We would like to express our gratitude to those members of our Armed Services, and their families, who paid the ultimate price for their service. Thank you for answering the call to defend our freedom. We sincerely appreciate your service and sacrifice!

 Have a fun and safe holiday weekend!

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Customer Review A -1 Self Storage in Concord, CA

Woman looking up and choose five stars rating in feedback isolated

At A-1 Self Storage, we sincerely value your patronage and your thoughts. Our goal is to ensure we provide quality products and the high level of customer service you expect. We encourage our customers to provide feedback, so we may continue to provide the best experience possible.

When Barbara H. submitted her “A-1 Story” last month, we knew we had another winner! Here is the story she shared about her experience at A-1 Self Storage in Concord, CA:

” A-1’s attention to detail with respect to customer service is outstanding and was the most important factor in my decision to rent an A-1 unit.  Finding the right storage store was very important to me because that is where my possessions will be “living”.  After a rigorous comparison of four local storage facilities all within 5 minutes of each other, A-1 was the undisputable winner.  Customer service is top notch and provided by the most welcome, professional and efficient manager, Mark.  He was absolutely committed to my finding exactly the right size and affordable cost for my particular needs.  After completing the paperwork and purchasing a circular lock, Mark walked me to my new storage unit, watched while I practiced unlocking and unlocking the unit, showed me how to enter my code number at the gate, and assured me that he would be available for assistance should I need it.  One thing that really impressed me was the cleanliness of the entire property.  The nature of my work requires frequent visits to my storage unit and it is clear that the whole facility is very well maintained.  For interior units, the hallways are unobstructed and automatically and brightly lit by sensors.  There are also safety mechanisms that detect unauthorized entry.  Moreover, in addition to the convenience of elevators and flat dollies for transporting storage items, A-1 also will provide a free truck to unit renters when needed.  The main office of my local A-1 is immaculate and customer friendly with complementary pens, assorted candies, water cooler, and chairs as well as a very attractively displayed array of products for both moving and storage.  From my first inquiry by phone to my current frequent usage of my unit, the entire experience has been welcoming, convenient and completely stress free.  Based on my experience, I would not rent a unit anywhere other than A-1.”

Thank you so much for sharing your experience with us, Barbara !

Why do you use A-1 Self Storage? Is it the stellar staff, or the cleanliness of our store? Is the location hard to beat? Tell us your “A-1 Story” and if we post your submission on our blog, we’ll give you one month FREE rent!*

Please submit your entry via email to:

*Note: One entry will be selected per month. Free rent limited to one month, and on one storage unit only. Offer has no cash value and is nonrefundable.

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Construction Begins on Imperial Beach A-1 Self Storage Location in San Diego, CA

Construction workers

Founder Terrence R. Caster on site for construction

We are proud to announce that we’ve started construction on a 96,236 square foot A-1 Self Storage Facility in the Imperial Beach community located at 845 Hollister Street, San Diego, CA. This new location is scheduled to open in December of 2016.

The addition of this A-1 Self Storage location will help to meet the storage needs of the Imperial Beach community and its neighbors. Customers will be able to rent a unit using our state-of-the-art online rental platform, or visit the office 7 days a week. With some of the longest access hours in the area, customers will be able to access their storage units from 6am – 10pm every day. A-1 Self Storage makes renting a storage unit convenient.

“We look forward to opening our newest A-1 Self Storage location in Imperial Beach, making it our nineteenth store in the San Diego market,” said Brian Caster, President and CEO of A-1 Self Storage. “Given its prime location off Palm Avenue, this property possesses great potential.”

A-1 Self Storage is the self storage division of the Caster Group, a third generation family owned company headquartered in San Diego, California serving local communities since 1959.  The Caster Group is looking throughout California and Texas to purchase raw land, existing facilities, projects in fill-up and projects that are entitled but not built. If you have any of these opportunities, please contact Bryan Underwood via e-mail at or call 800-219-4854 ext. 164.

IMG_0516 IMG_0514

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How to Move Out of Your Storage Unit

man and woman standing in front of storage unit door with boxes in hands

man and woman standing in front of storage unit door with boxes in handsIs it time to say goodbye? Do you have your move scheduled, but you’re not sure what to do next? We’re here to help! Follow these easy steps to help make the process of moving out of your storage unit as smooth as possible.

  1. Notify Us of Your Move Ahead of Time. For your convenience, our contracts are month to month. Please be sure to let us know you’re leaving in advance. We recommend giving notice prior to paying your next month’s rent. This will help you save money, so you aren’t paying for more days than you are using as we do not offer refunds. If you happen to change your mind, or need a few more days, just let us know!
  2. Empty Your Space. Clear everything out of your storage unit so that we can close out your account. If you find something that you can no longer use, consider donating it to Serving Hands International to give it a new life.
  3. Clean Your Storage Unit. Help us make the next customer’s stay a great experience just like yours. Sweep out your unit and clean up any spills.
  4. Remove Your Lock. The lock on your storage unit belongs to you, so don’t forget to take it with you! You can use it again if you need to rent with us in the future. Because you have the only keys, if you leave your lock on, the space is still occupied by you even when it’s empty.
  5. Fill Out a Vacate Form. After you’ve moved out, stop by the office and fill out a quick Vacate Form. It’s quick & painless, we promise!
  6. Tell Us How We Did. Our goal is to make each customer’s stay convenient, safe, and enjoyable. If we have accomplished this, please let us know by writing a review! Ask an Associate for more details.

Thank you for trusting us with your belongings. We hope that A-1 Self Storage will remain your first choice for storage the next time around.

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DIY Home Storage Ideas

handmade leather ,like the old days.

handmade leather ,like the old days.

Are you looking for affordable ways to organize your home?  There are tons of products that you can buy at the store that are helpful to get your home organized. Instead, use recycled items in your home to save money.  Here are affordable ways to keep your house clutter free. Try Some of these DIY home storage solutions! 

Presupposed shoe organizer- Shoe organizers work great for so many things! You can use it in the laundry room for cleaning supplies, in the garage for spray paint and tools, the kids’ room for toys, or in  your closet for scarves, socks, belts, and shoes.

Recycled Creamer Bottles – Think before you throw food containers away! A lot of them can be useful storage containers. The coffee-mate creamer bottles are nice for storing and keeping pantry items fresh. The small opening st the top is the perfect size for dispensing snacks such as,  chocolate chips, sugar, chips, nuts and many more.

CD Rack Lid Storage – Trying to keep your tupperware in order is always a hard task. I don’t know about you but I always have the hardest time keeping track of the lids! However if you use a metal CD rack to keep them upright and easily visible this will solve all of your problems.  Store the larger lids in the back and smaller ones in the front.

Soap Box Storage – The travel soap box holders that you can get at the drugstore are the perfect affordable solution for storing small items. If you have younger children, you know they like to bring toys, crayons, and cards along in the car? Soap boxes are a great travel solution.

Easy Christmas Light Storage – Every year I’m sure you spend time untangling Christmas lights. It’s never ending, tangles after tangles! Here is an easy solution for that problem: Wrap them around pieces of cardboard and long wrapping paper rolls to keep them better organized.

Get creative today! There are so many clever ways to store things without spending much time or money.

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