Self Storage Entitlements and Development

At the Caster Group, we have produced over 100 commercial real estate projects. Over the last 40 years we have kept a narrow focus, specializing in entitling and developing self storage properties. The Caster Group has established a reputation in the self storage industry as a first-class developer of one of the premier self storage portfolios in the country. 

With an in-house Development team in place, we have the resources to research and understand local municipal codes and development regulations. This helps us uncover and identify prime self storage sites; as well as entitlement issues and pitfalls before we spend our resources on consultants or regulatory fees. We conceptually plan our sites at almost the very first stage, and know what approvals will be needed to achieve the desired project. The Development team has successfully secured approvals for zone changes, zone variances, conditional use permits, subdivisions, lot-line adjustments, coastal permits, neighborhood plan amendments, Planned Industrial Developments, CEQA compliance, and many more. 

As we begin to shape the concept into a full project design, we apply our experience and innovation early on in the planning process. This is our opportunity to take best advantage of “value engineering.” We understand that the decisions made during the preliminary planning and entitlement stages of a project will have a huge impact on the overall design, cost, and success of the development. Making good decisions, and knowing the impact of those decisions, allows the Development team to help ensure a successful self storage project. 

We have a solid track record in self storage construction. The relationships we have built over the last 40 years with architects, engineers, and subcontractors provide us with advantages in both construction quality and price. Some of our subcontractors have been working with us for this entire 40-year period; and so has the head of our Development department. These long-standing relationships help us secure bids and complete projects in a shortened timeframe, thereby delivering the finished product at the best price. 

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