Core Values

At the Caster Group we stand by our Core Values. These beliefs drive our team to excel in all aspects of development and management of our A-1 Self Storage locations. We believe these Core Values are the pillars on which we stand. We count on these basic beliefs to guide us in the development of our strategies and implementation of tasks required to achieve our goals. 

  1. We will honor God in our conduct both in our personal lives & in the business. The Caster family has a long history of faith and the belief that God is good and that we serve Him above all else. We believe in hard work for a greater purpose of serving others less fortunate than ourselves. We are dedicated to conducting ourselves and our business dealings to honor God at all times. We strive to do this every day with our business associates, team members, and customers. 
  2. We will grow profitably in accordance with our Mission Statement. We are a business. We set goals to increase our profitability and overall value to move forward for future generations & for our charities. We believe in growth which allows us to best serve our customers in the very best facilities so they can have an optimal experience when storing their possessions. 
  3. We will constantly adapt. Change is inevitable. The Caster Group knows the value of staying on the forefront of technology. We’re always learning, always open to new ways of improving our operations through education, technology, and all means available to us. 
  4. We will work as a team, supporting each other in reaching our full potential. We are only as good as our team. We value each and every team member and are committed to supporting them with clean, safe, encouraging work environments. We are a team. 
  5. We will effectively give back, using our resources to help improve the lives of people both in our communities and abroad. Through our charitable operations we seek to improve all the communities we serve and more. We believe that by following these core values and our critical planning, we can help those less fortunate than ourselves today and far into the future. 

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