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The Caster Group has developed an extensive portfolio of premier A-1 Self Storage properties throughout California. We have been able to accomplish this through vision, providence, and our Acquisitions team. The Acquisitions team focuses not only on the metrics of a good self storage site, but in finding sites that may not be available through a broker or otherwise obvious to the competition. This team and their efforts have been a key to the Caster Group’s success. 

The Acquisitions team is the first level of responsibility in achieving the Caster Group’s investment goals. To achieve these goals, we have focused almost entirely on acquiring sites on which to build a self storage facility, rather than purchasing existing facilities from others. While existing self storage properties have been and remain acquisition candidates, the Caster Group has a first-class construction department, and by designing and building its own self storage facilities, it both enables and maximizes targeted returns on investment. 

The Acquisitions team identifies property through various sourcing channels, performs financial analysis, negotiates contracts, coordinates the due diligence, and manages the closing for each property. 

We understand that selling a piece of property can be difficult and complex. Our objective is to originate and complete a transaction that is mutually beneficial for both buyer and seller. While a fee-simple interest in the land is generally our primary goal, sometimes an outright sale is not the best approach for the seller. For example, providing income in the form of a long-term ground lease may better meet the seller’s objectives by preserving his or her interest in the land while delaying tax implications. We are experienced in structuring many types of transactions in order to meet a seller’s needs, and obtain the best possible properties. 

We are looking throughout California to buy or participate in: 

  • Raw land 
  • Existing facilities 
  • Projects in fill-up 
  • Projects that are entitled but not built 

If you have any one of these opportunities, please send information to: 

Brian R. Caster CEO/President 

John LaRaia  COO  

Or contact the Caster Group at: 

Phone: 619-287-8873 

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