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4 Tips for Saving Money When Using Self Storage

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People need storage for a variety of reasons. Whether you need to remove clutter from your home, store household items while moving, or downsize your home, each situation presents its own challenges. We offer some budget friendly tips to help you save money when using self storage. Keep in mind, when looking to save money not all self storage facilities are the same. Just because the price is low does not always mean it is a great facility. Always take A-1-Self-Storage-Huntington-Beach-Boxesa tour and make sure the facility you chose is clean, safe, and secure.

Store the Important Items

When deciding to use self-storage go through your items and decide what is worth storing. This is a great time to let go of items you have been holding onto and have never used. Decide what items can be trashed or donated. This will help scale back on the size unit you will need and help save money.

Ceiling Height

When getting price quotes ask about the ceiling heights of the units. Taller ceilings mean more space to stack items or turn them vertically, which will help save floor space and money. Utilizing vertical space will help you get into a smaller unit and save money.

Consider Elevator Access Units

Elevator access units are often less in price and will help save money. Elevator units can be just as convenient, A-1 Self Storage offers flatbed push carts and drive up elevators at select locations to make the move in easy.

How Often Will You Access Your Items?

When price shopping for a storage unit consider how often you plan to access your items. Rates may vary location to location. If you don’t plan to access the items often and your area is higher in price it might be worth driving a few miles to get a better rate and save some money.

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