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How to Store Your Seasonal Items Safely

Fall is Here


Fall is HereFall is here! As we transition into fall, this calls for the opportunity to organize and tidy up our houses to prepare for the next season. While you can take advantage of a storage unit at any time of the year, with winter (and the holidays) around the corner it makes it especially important to gear up and protect your belongings. In case you are wondering how to store your seasonal items safely we have some tips to help better prepare you.

  • Store your yard equipment. There is no need to take up extra space in your garage if you aren’t mowing your lawn or gardening. Make sure to drain all the liquids from your lawnmower and other tools as this will help prevent corrosion. Are you planning on storing any outdoor furniture? Remember to clean your furniture items to avoid damage and also use a climate controlled storage unit for extra protection.
  • Secure your boat, bikes and recreational vehicles. The winter holiday season can be hectic with all of the family and guests arriving. To provide you with more space in your driveway for holiday guests, keeping your summer toys in storage can guarantee extra protection from theft and damage.
  • Switch out seasonal clothing items. One easy way to free up a jam-packed closet or dresser is to swap out your summer wardrobe for warmer items. Pack away your swimsuits and shorts. Take the opportunity to sort through your clothing items and decide if it’s time to donate them.You may find that some of your clothes are either too small, worn out or out of style. Consider doing this in your entryway coat closet as well.

How do you store your seasonal items? Leave a Comment below. We would love to hear of your tips on how to prepare for the upcoming seasons.

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Charity Spotlight: Afghan Youth Connect

AYC Photo of Students Square

A-1 Self Storage is proud to support such a great cause like the Afghan Youth Connect program!

AYC Photo of StudentsThe Afghan Youth Connect is a program set up to help public high schools in Jalalabad. The participating schools are equipped with furnished computer labs, classrooms, computers, professional trainer, internet connectivity, and all the necessary office supplies. There are currently 18 high schools and one central site serving two additional high schools.

The AYC students learn basic word processing, spreadsheet management, creation of PowerPoint presentations, internet-based searches, use of social media and email. English is taught as part of the curriculum as well.

The Afghan Youth Connect program build capacity in each and every student participant. They see the outside world through a new lens, one unavailable to them in the past. This in turn informs and changes their experiences of life in the modern world

Graduates who have completed the program posses employable IT skills, basic proficiency in English, and a firm concept of what it means to be a responsible citizen.

There is no shortage of participants who wish to be a part of the AYC. All of the money raised goes directly to funding for supplies, classrooms, etc. to help keep the program running successfully.

To learn more about the Afghan Youth Connect program watch this video:

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4 Clever Organization Tips

Contemporary living room

Contemporary living room with sofa and minimalist bookcase - 3D Rendering

Looking for some clever tricks and tips to help keep your house intact? A-1 Self Storage is here to help. We would like to point out some handy tips to help you feel more organized and less cluttered around the house. 

  • Magnetic tape can be stuck to walls or inside cabinets to help you get organized. This is a great idea for the bathroom to hold tweezers, nail clippers, hair clips, and other magnetic items for easy accessibility. This can also be used in the kitchen or garage to hold cooking utensils or tools. This is a great way to solve unorganized drawers.
  • Shoe organizers aren’t just for shoes, but can be used in all rooms of the home. These are great for bathroom items, cleaning supplies, kids toys, art/craft supplies, gift wrapping accessories, and much more. Organizers can easily be hung behind a door or fixed to the wall. This will help save drawer and cabinet space while helping you stay organized.
  • Bread tags can be labeled and fixed around cords to help indicate which cord belongs to which item. With today’s technology we have many cords connected to our televisions and computers. Bread tabs are a great way to help you keep organized and easily locate a specific cord.
  • Tension rods can be hung in cabinets to hold various spray bottles. This will help free up space on the shelf for other items. Shower hooks can be attached to the rod to hang various items. This is great for the closet to organize scarfs, belts, or purses. This is also a great way to organize necklaces and bracelets.

All of these tips are a great way to help you get organized and free up space in your home.

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