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Newest A-1 Self Storage in San Jose, CA is Now Open!

Come in We're Open sign.

We are pleased to announce the grand opening of our newest self storage location in the Downtown area of San Jose, CA!


Our 84,699 sq. ft. state-of-the-art self storage facility offers 660 storage units and is located at 401 Santa Ana Avenue. Featuring 24 hour video surveillance, coded keypad entry, and cylinder locks, our brand new facility offers the very best in security. Access is available from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily; some of the longest access hours in the area. Wide loading/unloading areas with easy building access were designed to make moving quick and convenient.

Our new facility is conveniently located near the 101 and 880 interchange, providing affordable self storage to businesses and residents in the Central San Jose area including Downtown San Jose, Rose Garden, San Jose State University, and nearby communities.

We designed this property to offer the very best self storage experience possible. We wanted to add value to the neighborhood with the right kind of storage unit at the right price. We are invested in the success and growth of the San Jose community.

To rent a storage unit at the newest A-1 Self Storage location in Downtown San Jose visit our website.

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Fall Is Upon Us

Label with the Words Hello Autumn and Autumn Leaves in the Background

Label with the Words Hello Autumn and Autumn Leaves in the Background

Fall is almost here! As we transition into fall, this calls for the opportunity to organize and tidy up our houses to prepare for the next season. While you can take advantage of a storage unit at any time of the year, with winter (and the holidays) around the corner it makes it especially important to gear up and protect your belongings. In case you are wondering how to store your seasonal items safely we have some tips to help better prepare you.

  • Store your yard equipment – There is no need to take up extra space in your garage if you aren’t mowing your lawn or gardening. Make sure to drain all the liquids from your lawnmower and other tools as this will help prevent corrosion. Are you planning on storing any outdoor furniture? Remember to clean your furniture items to avoid damage and also use a climate controlled storage unit for extra protection.
  • Store Season Outdoor Toys –  It’s time to secure your boat, bikes and any recreational vehicles. The winter holiday season can be hectic with all of the family and guests arriving. To provide you with more space in your driveway for holiday guests, keeping your summer toys in storage can guarantee extra protection from theft and damage.
  • Switch out seasonal clothing items – One easy way to free up a jam-packed closet or dresser is to swap out your summer wardrobe for warmer items. Pack away your swimsuits and shorts. Take the opportunity to sort through your clothing items and decide if it’s time to donate them. You may find that some of your clothes are either too small, worn out or out of style. Consider doing this in your entryway coat closet as well.
  • Don’t forget about the grill- Give your BBQ grill a deep clean before covering and storing it. Be sure to scrape down the grates and, wipe down the inside as well.
  • Clean Out Gutters – While the weather is still nice it’s recommended to  clean out your gutters. Cleaning gutters for winter will mean less work when spring rolls back around.

How do you store your seasonal items? Leave a Comment below. We would love to hear of your tips on how you prepare for the upcoming seasons.

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Bathroom Organization Tips



Is your bathroom an unorganized mess? Learn how to clear bathroom clutter with a few simple tricks and ideas.

  • Organize medicine cabinet – Start by responsibly disposing of  outdated medicines. A smart way to keep your medicine cabinet organized is to magnetize all your small objects. Keep bobby pins, tweezers, and nail tools in tact with a stick on metal strip.
  • Hair Product Clutter – Gels, sprays, and hot irons take up a lot of space in the bathroom. For a quick way to organize you can plastic containers for under sink. If you are feeling crafty attach PVC pipes to the inside of cabinets and use them as holsters for
  • Drawer dividers – Bathroom drawers are always messy and unorganized.. Use wooden or plastic trays to help categorize your items so you will no longer have to deal with cluttered drawers.
  • Use Stickers –  For a simple way to track how long you have had a product, write the month and year on a small sticker and put it on the bottom of the jar or tube. If the item starts to look old or tired you can refer to sticker and see if you are in the clear or not.
  • Create more towel storage – If your towel rack isn’t big enough to hang all the towels you need, add hooks to the bathroom. Towel hooks are easy and inexpensive!

How do you organize your bathroom? Leave us a comment and let us know if you have any tips or tricks

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Off to College? What To Do with Your Student’s Room

Bedroom and game room


With your student all moved out of the house to attend college, one of the big questions many parents have is, “What do we do with the extra room?” Some leave the room as is for when their child returns, while others turn it into a guest room. We thought we would give you some more ideas on what to do with the extBedroom and game roomra space.

  • Office: Create an office space that is both cozy and functional. Add a couch and bookshelf in the room to make it feel more like a comfortable, quiet place that you can relax in as well.
  • Game Room: Create a space that you can entertain guests in. A pool table, a built-in bar, and some TVs will make your room a neighborhood favorite.
  • Media Room: Are you a movie fanatic? Turn the bedroom into a personal movie theater with comfy chairs, a projector screen, and a popcorn machine.
  • Music Room: For the musicians out there, move your piano and musical instruments into the spare room to create a music room. Make the room soundproofed by adding vinyl-covered walls.
  • Guest Room: This might be the most common answer. Turn the room into a guest room. To make it unique, equip the room with towels and all of the necessary toiletries.
  • Fitness Room: If you enjoy working out this is the perfect idea for you! You can add large mirrors, rubber flooring, and then any exercise equipment you wish.

And if you need a place to store your student’s belongings while they’re away, we’re here to help!

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