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An Organized New Year

New Year resolutions Text written on notebook page, red pencil on the right. Motivational Concept image


New Year resolutions Text written on notebook page, red pencil on the right. Motivational Concept image

It is the time of year again where you reflect on the year and plan for changes and success for the year to come. I know for many people their new years resolution might be to get more organized. Being organized is extremely beneficial and empowering. It allows you to achieve more and not feel as stressed and overwhelmed. Now is a great time for you to start off on the right foot, and get more organized! The following tips will help make your home more organized without much effort.

  • Color Code Your Closet. Organizing your closet by color allows you to easily find certain clothing items you are looking for. Color coding your closet can also help you to identify where you have items in the most color and the least color.
  • Tension Rods.  Tension rods are amazing tools! They come in various lengths, making them excellent for spacious or tight spaces. Tension rods are a great tool to maximize any cabinet or closet. You can use them to create storage space for baking sheets, cutting boards, as a hanging rack for spray cleaners under the sink, as drawer separators, as shoe rack, and the list goes on.
  • Store Matching Sheets With Pillow Cases. Don’t let your matching sheets get lost in the linen closet. A simple trick can save you time searching for matching sheets and pillow cases. Tuck the sheet set inside one of the pillowcases and then stack accordingly.
  • Use Mason Jars. Using mason jars is something that is so easy, affordable and cute. You can use them on your desk to keep all your pens, highlighters and other office supplies in.  Also a great way to organize dry food and to keep them fresh. Mason jars are great for storing bathroom supplies such as soaps, cotton balls and  toothbrushes. Mason jars also make cute decorative drinking glasses as well as many other creative uses!
  • Use Empty Tissue Box For Plastic Bag Dispenser. Most of the time plastic grocery bags, and retail bags take up a lot of space under the kitchen sink.  The use of an empty tissue box can change all the clutter of plastic bags.
  • Save Toilet Paper Rolls For Cord Organization. Tangled electronic cords can be a real pain and frustrating to untangle. Toilet paper rolls are the perfect size to tuck cords into and act as the perfect label.

It’s a new year which means it’s time for new beginnings! Leave us a comment and let us know if you have any organization tips that you would like to share.

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