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Binder Clips Can Help You Pack!

Binder Clips Square

Binder clips are super handy! So much more than a paper fastener, binder clips have been life-hacked for endless uses. Cable management, smartphone docks, and bookmarks are just a few. Now we have one more hack to share – box lid tamer!

Animation 1Have you ever tried packing something big & heavy, like a TV or microwave, into box by yourself? It’s nearly impossible, and you always seem to need least 3 more hands. You wind up fighting those flaps for the box lid and either getting severe paper cuts or worse, dropping something really heavy on your foot.  A simple and cheap hack to save your sanity is to use binder clips to secure the flaps . No struggle and no paper cuts!

What interesting use for binder clips have you used? Please leave a Comment. We’d love to hear about it!

If you liked this tip, you might want to check out more uses for binder clips over at BuzzFeed Community!

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Labor Day Holiday

Happy Labor Day Square

Happy Labor Day

All A-1 Self Storage locations and our Corporate Office will be closed in observance of Labor Day on Monday, September 7, 2015.

Normal access hours are available at most locations. Please check with your self storage location to confirm the schedule. For your convenience, we also offer a 24 hour rental/payment kiosk at 18 of our A-1 Self Storage locations!

Have a happy and safe Labor Day!

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Off to College? What To Do with Your Student’s Room


With your student all moved out of the house to attend college, one of the big questions many parents have is, “What do we do with the extra room?” Some leave the room as is for when their child returns, while others turn it into a guest room. We thought we would give you some more ideas on what to do with the extra space.

Bedroom - Game Room

  • Office: Create an office space that is both cozy and functional. Add a couch and bookshelf in the room to make it feel more like a comfortable, quiet place that you can relax in as well.
  • Game Room: Create a space that you can entertain guests in. A pool table, a built-in bar, and some TVs will make your room a neighborhood favorite.
  • Media Room: Are you a movie fanatic? Turn the bedroom into a personal movie theater with comfy chairs, a projector screen, and a popcorn machine.
  • Music Room: For the musicians out there, move your piano and musical instruments into the spare room to create a music room. Make the room soundproofed by adding vinyl-covered walls.
  • Guest Room: This might be the most common answer. Turn the room into a guest room. To make it unique, equip the room with towels and all of the necessary toiletries.

And if you need a place to store your student’s belongings while they’re away, we’re here to help!

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